Images of Auschwitz

  • Removed clothing and prisoners ran around naked.
  • Smoke from the crematoriums.
  • Babies thrown into pits.
  • Showers.
  • Prisoners stood in mud.
  • Barracks.
  • SS officers every few yards with machine guns.
  • Stripped pajamas/uniforms.
  • Selection


  • Walk in a straight line.
  • Separate from families.
  • Make Jews take off clothes.
  • Made Jews take group showers.
  • Forced Jews to run naked in the cold night.
  • Provided clothes that don’t fit.
  • Forced them to do labor.
  • Threatened the prisoners with their life.
  • Send people to the crematorium.
  • Nazis would beat or shoot.
  • Starve the prisoners.
  • Brand numbers on them.

Stein of Antewarp is a relative of Elie’s mom. The mom was the aunt of Stein’s wife Reizel and Stein’s wife wrote a lot to them. Stein visited when he could and he would always bring food to them like so that they would survive and he helps them along the way with advice. Elie lied to Stein and said that his wife and two kids are still alive so that he wouldn’t be sad and give up on life. I think Elie was morally right to lie to him because later on in the story Stein admits that “The only thing that keeps me alive, is to know that Reizel and the little ones are alive” “Were if not for them, I would give up”. so i think it was right for Elie to have lied.

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13 reasons why

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By waters of babylon

do you believe we process information too fast?  What is your view on technological advances.

I think we process information fast but not really fast.  I think at a good pace that we are advancing and improving our lives.  I think for the government technology should be more limited and people more advanced.

John visits the dead places and the Place of the Gods.

1.  Why is the world like this?

2.  Who was the “God” that John saw?

“For then i knew he was a man”, “I knew then that they had been men, neither gods, nor demons”.

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What the World Will Look Like In 2026

There will be a new rule that states a person running for president can run at 25 years of age.  I will be the new president!  The world will finally come to realize that there will never be a doomsday and people will be more advanced and mature.  Incurable diseases will have a cure, but not entirely disposed of.  The U.S. will find more ways to preserve gas and find more fuel substitutes.  China and the U.S. will make products together and advance technology (robots that live within the community, flying cars, etc.).  All of society will prosper.

Time of day:               what is happening

  • 7:00          Get up
  • 7:45          Breakfast Time
  • 8:05          School
  • 8:30         Clean up Breakfast
  • 9:15         Time to clean
  • 10:00      House stand is alone
  • 12:00      Dog comes in
  • 2:00        Dog dies
  • 2:15         Dog gone( Incinerated)
  • 2:35        Bridge tables sprouted
  • 4:30       Nursery wall glowing
  • 5:00      Bath filled with hot water
  • 6,7,8 pm  Dinner dishes came out.  A fire was made, and a cigar popped out.
  • 9:00      The beds are warmed
  • 9:05        A voice asks for Mrs. McClellan to choose a poem
  • 10:00     A tree fell on the kitchen and a fire started
  • August 5, 2026         A voice withing a lone wall keeps repeating today is August 5, 2026.

What happened to the world and why is it all destroyed and left in ruins?

Why was one wall left standing and the rest destroyed?

quote:  “The entire west face of the house was black, save for five places”  “The five spots of paint the man, the woman, the children, the ball remained”.

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Plotline and Point of View for “Contents of the dead man’s pockets”

Exposition:  When they introduce tom and his intention of wanting to keep working instead of going with his wife to the movies.

Conflict:  Person vs self, person vs nature

Rising action:  Paper flies out the window.  The guy goes out to get the paper.  He looks down and he freaks out.  When he brakes the window.

Climax:  When he brakes the window.

Falling action: When he is inside the house and he puts the pencil on the paper so it won’t leave again.

Resolution:  He rather spend time with his wife, but when he opens the door the paper leaves AGAIN and he laughs at it and leaves.

I think the point of view for this short story is 3rd person limited.  An example of this in the story is “He did not lie down on the floor or run through the apartment, as he had promised himself; even in the first few moments it seemed to him natural and normal that he should be where he was”.

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Character terms

Indirect Characterization:  it reveals a persons personality through actions, emotions, and thoughts.  Ex: “That guy there never talks to no one, and is always quiet”.

Round character:  Character with many characteristics and personality traits.  ex: woody from toy story.  He shows lot of emotions and characteristics throughout all 3 movies.

Flashback:when a past event is told or explained and the reader is taken to that time of the event.  Ex.”  I remember like it was yesterday”  “It was sunny out but it was cold”

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Kung fu comic

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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